Auto Part Services in Long Island, NY

At Ace Auto Wreckers, automobiles are our business. We pride ourselves in keeping vehicles on the road by providing or locating the used parts that are needed to fix them. We offer parts for cars and trucks. Let us use our more than four decades of experience in the auto parts business to help you meet your needs!

Ace Auto Wreckers – Used Car Parts in Long Island & Suffolk County

At Ace Auto Wreckers, we serve both sides of the used auto part industry – both the supply side and the demand side. If you have a car that’s too old or beat up to sell, we’ll pay you to scrap the vehicle and buy the working parts. We then build up an extensive inventory of quality parts, including both domestic and foreign auto parts, allowing us to help you keep your car or truck on the road longer at an affordable price. If we don’t have the part that’s right for you, we’ll help you locate it with our extensive database.

Our services include:

Selling auto parts from our inventory

We have an inventory that includes parts from various types of makes and models of both domestic and foreign vehicles. We also have parts from both modern and classic models. If you have an older car, it’s often easier to find the right part from a used collection, since they sometimes aren’t manufactured anymore. Plus, you’ll get a lower price.

Locating auto parts for our customers

When our customers are having difficulty finding the auto parts they need, we can provide them with high-tech location services through our extensive Internet database and other resources. If we do not carry the part you need, we can help you track it down!

ace auto wreckers sample of available used car parts

Junking cars and buying auto parts

If you have a car that is either too old or too beat up to sell, you always have the option to scrap it. We’ll give you a free quote on how much we’ll pay you to scrap the vehicle for its usable parts. Compared to a junkyard, you’ll get more compensation for your vehicle and get to enjoy the knowledge that your vehicle’s parts are going on to give new life to other vehicles.

Long Island’s Most Trusted Auto Salvage Yard

At Ace Auto Wreckers in Long Island, we have more than 40 years of experience in the used auto parts industry. We aim to provide excellent parts and customer service for drivers of almost any make or model of car, including domestic and foreign auto parts. We are well known for providing the full spectrum of parts for European, Japanese and American vehicles. And if we don’t have the part in stock, we always aim to help you find it using our extensive online database of used truck and car parts.

As a family-owned and -operated auto parts business, we have the experience and the trusted reputation of more than 40 years to provide you with top quality auto parts services. For more information about our services, call Ace Auto Wreckers today at (631) 667-3331.

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  • Family owned and operated since 1968.
  • From basic phone requests to hi-tech locating services.
  • Well known for the full spectrum of parts for European, Japanese and American vehicles.