Junk Your Car in Long Island, NY

Vehicles are for driving, not for decorating your yard. If you have an old car or truck collecting rust on your property, you might consider sending it to a Long Island junkyard. Ace Auto Wreckers has been accepting old, beat-up vehicles for over 40 years, and we’ll gladly take your oversized lawn decoration off your hands in exchange for fair compensation. We’ll strip all useable parts from your vehicle and responsibly recycle the rest.

Signs It’s Time to Junk Your Car

Letting go of a car can be tough—especially if it has significant sentimental value. However, the sooner you get rid of your old car, the sooner you can start making memories with a shiny new vehicle. Here are a few signs that your vehicle is headed for the junkyard:

  • Your Car Won’t Start: A car that can’t drive isn’t much of a car. If you own a vehicle that hasn’t been driven in years, it’s probably time to let it go.
  • The Repair Bill’s Too High: If your vehicle suffers just a small amount of damage, you can probably get it repaired at a relatively low cost. If the cost to repair your vehicle is more than its estimated market value, call Ace Auto Wreckers.
  • No One’s Buying: Some cars simply won’t sell. Instead of spending valuable time trying to sell an unsellable car, consider junking it.

Benefits of Junking Your Vehicle

Though getting rid of a beloved vehicle may be difficult at first, there is a silver lining. The following benefits may help change your mind about keeping a rusty vehicle on your property:

  • Give Your Vehicle New Life: If you send your vehicle to a junkyard, it won’t just be destroyed. Many of its parts will be stripped or recycled for use in other vehicles.
  • Receive Compensation: Junking your vehicle will not result in a total loss—far from it. Before Ace Auto Wreckers junks your car, we’ll provide you with a compensation estimate, so you can get paid for a not working car.
  • Help the Environment: As more parts are reused or recycled, fewer elements are mined from the Earth. Also, letting a rusty vehicle leak fluids onto your property isn’t doing the environment any favors. For the sake of your property and the planet, consider junking your old, beat-up vehicle.

How to Junk Your Car

If you’ve ultimately decided it’s time to let go of your car, there are a few steps you should take before bringing it to a salvage yard.

Here’s some guidance on how to go about junking your vehicle:

  1. Call Ace Auto Wreckers: The first step to junking your vehicle is calling the auto salvage yard to schedule a drop-off or tow truck and obtain a compensation estimate.
  2. Remove Your Belongings: Before taking your vehicle to an auto salvage yard, you should take the time to clean out all of your personal belongings. Be sure to check all of the compartments like the glove box and door pockets, as well as checking under the seats and floor mats.​
  3. Organize Paperwork: You need to have your valid title to the car to make the process as smooth as possible, and you’ll want to cancel your insurance for when you turn the car over.
  4. Remove License Plates: Before the tow truck comes to pick up your vehicle or when you drop it off, you should remove the license plates.

For more information about what’s involved with junking a vehicle, feel free to call Ace Auto Wreckers at (631) 667-3331. Our family-owned and operated business is proud to provide Long Island residents with junking services and discount auto parts.

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