Your Guide to Shopping for Used Auto Parts

If you’re looking for used auto parts in Long Island , it’s probably in response to the sticker shock you felt when you learned how much brand-new replacement parts cost. Simple parts can carry huge premiums at the retail counter, and stores that sell new auto parts often overprice their inventory because many consumers simply don’t know any better. Buying used auto parts is a great way to save serious cash when it comes to upgrading or repairing your vehicle, but the whole process can seem scary if you’ve never done it before. To help you feel comfortable with your purchase, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for used auto parts. Auto parts Shopping Guide in Long Island, NY

Confirm the Part You Need

The first thing you need to do is verify the specific part you need. Whether this means taking your car to a mechanic or calling the dealership, you can save yourself a lot of time and a lot of trouble by confirming the specific part number you’re looking for. You can also bring the old, worn out part to the used auto parts store and ask for help in identifying the right replacement.

Shop in Person

There’s nothing wrong with buying used auto parts online, so long as you shop from a reputable part supplier. But if you are shopping for a rare auto part, you’re better off shopping in person. This will allow you to verify the quality of the part and make sure it’s the part you’re looking for before making a purchase.

Ask About the Warranty/Return Policy

Whether you shop for used auto parts online or in person, ask the supplier about their warranty or return policy. Most used auto parts will be sold as is, but some suppliers may offer limited warranties or return windows if the part is ineffective or doesn’t fit your vehicle.

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