Understanding the Process of Recycling a Car for Junkyard Parts

cheap auto parts long island When a car reaches the end of its life, it can go one of two ways: Either it sits around and collects rust or it’s recycled and stripped for parts. The latter option is much more beneficial as a whole, not only for the environment but for your wallet as well. If you’re looking for cheap auto parts in Long Island, you can’t beat the prices or selection offered by a salvage yard. And if you have an old car that won’t start, contact an auto wrecker to turn your junk car into cash. Either way, understanding the process of recycling a junk car for auto parts can help you understand where those cheap auto parts came from and what happens to a car after it’s sold or donated to a salvage yard.

Remove and Recycle Old Fluid

The first step is to completely drain the vehicle of all fluids, including motor oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. These automotive fluids need to be properly collected, contained, and disposed of to avoid soil and water contamination. If you perform your own oil changes, ask your auto parts supplier where you can take old motor oil for disposal.

Pull Parts

Once the car is completely drained, the next step is to pull the parts that are in the best condition. Even if a car is totaled, there are bound to be dozens of engine and drivetrain components that are in good enough condition to be sold in a used parts store.

Refurbish or Repair Parts as Necessary

Some auto parts may need to be refurbished or repaired before being sold. Refurbishing can often restore old car parts to like-new condition, which means you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on auto repairs by buying refurbished auto parts.

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