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Rebuilding and fixing up old cars can be a great hobby or passion, but the issue that most people run into is finding the right parts for their cars. When the car is foreign or an older model, finding imported auto parts for a wide variety of vehicles can be an extremely daunting challenge. As coveted older models of classic cars, even from 10-20 years ago become harder to find, the parts are more scattered and are difficult to track down. Fortunately, there’s a source on Long Island that can help with finding parts that you thought were lost forever. For years, Ace Auto Wreckers has been a tremendous resource for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and others who want to fix up older cars but are having trouble finding the right parts. Our inventory is second to none and we’ve carefully curated our selection over time so that you can be assured you are always getting the highest quality European, Japanese, and other foreign part possible at the best price. We have built a successful business on carefully vetting parts that come into our shop so that our customers are purchasing parts that are still in great working condition.

Foreign Auto Parts

Since 1968, Ace Auto Wreckers has been a family owned and operated business, meaning that we take customer service extremely seriously and always aim to provide the best possible service when our customers are looking for any number of foreign and American auto parts. There’s nothing more frustrating than rebuilding a vintage or semi-vintage car only to find that a key component is missing. Often times, dealerships and other resources like a big box auto supply store will either not have the part in stock, or charge ridiculous amounts money. At Ace Auto Wreckers, we aim to be partners with our customers because we know the thrill and satisfaction that rebuilding an old car gives, especially older European and Japanese makes. We’ve built a strong reputation for having a wide range of quality parts from European, Japanese and American makes and we look forward to serving your auto parts needs today on Long Island.

Import & US Auto Parts, In One Place

Our inventory is second to none at Ace Auto Wreckers, and now we’ve developed an easy online form so our customers can get more information without having to call or stop by the shop. Simply fill out the online form below with your name, contact info, and small bits of information about the car you need parts for and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to give you more information. Whether it is a simple part or a more complicated section of the car, our inventory is always growing, meaning the chances you’ll find what you are looking for are high. Because we are a local business, we take our relationships with our customers very seriously and want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We stand by our inventory and are dedicated to helping you source the auto part you are looking for today.

For high quality imported auto parts, contact Ace Auto Wreckers today on Long Island at 631-667-3331

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  • Family owned and operated since 1968.
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