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At Ace Auto Wreckers in Long Island, NY, we aim to find you the part you need for your car, truck or motorcycle, no matter the make or model. For some vehicle owners, finding a replacement part when something goes wrong is as easy as heading to the local auto store. But for many vehicles, especially older models, foreign vehicles, classic cars and obscure makes and models, finding the right part isn’t that easy.

With our extensive used car part inventory at Ace Auto Wreckers, we often have the exact part you need available immediately. If we don’t, we’re happy to help you locate it by searching our database or by keeping an eye out for it on incoming parts.

Easily Find Used Car Parts

With our Smart Search for Parts database, you can easily search for used car parts for your vehicle. Simply enter the year, make and model of the vehicle and peruse the results. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, call our experienced technicians at Ace Auto Wreckers for additional assistance locating your part.

Why the Right Part Matters

While some people simply opt to repair their vehicles with a hodgepodge of parts, having the right type of part for the make and model of your car, truck or motorcycle is key to keeping its integrity intact and having it run smoothly for years to come. At Ace Auto Wreckers, our auto parts inventory is built from a vast array of old and unique vehicles, meaning we often have parts your local auto parts store doesn’t carry anymore.

If you have an obscure or rare vehicle that manufacturers no longer make parts for, a classic vehicle that requires specific parts, or a foreign vehicle that has parts that are hard to find in Long Island, Ace Auto Wreckers has you covered.

Long Island’s Most Trusted Used Auto Parts Service

With more than 40 years of experience in the used auto parts industry, Ace Auto Wreckers has developed a reputation as the most trusted used auto parts dealer in Long Island. Our experienced technicians all have the eye for quality used parts in the cars, trucks and motorcycles that we receive at our salvage yard. We always select the best parts and have developed an inventory for almost any make or model of car, including both international and domestic auto parts. We are well known for providing the full spectrum of parts for European, Japanese and American vehicles. And we always aim to help you locate the part elsewhere using our extensive online database if we don’t have it in stock already.

Our family-owned and -operated auto parts business always aims to provide you with excellent parts and quality customer service at an affordable price. If you’re in need of a specific auto part, call Ace Auto Wreckers in Long Island today at (631) 667-3331.

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