Extending the Lifespan of Your Car

Your car is one of the most expensive (and important) things you own, so it’s important to take care of it so you can stay on the road and out of the repair shop. Basic maintenance can also help extend the life of your car well past the point where other cars start to break down and become unsafe and uncomfortable to drive. Watch this video to hear some expert advice for extending the life of your car from “The Car Coach” Lauren Fix.

If you want to keep your car on the road and save money in the process, buy all your replacement parts from a used auto parts supplier in Long Island. Used auto parts are significantly less than brand-new ones, and you can often find rare parts for older vehicles and foreign models that are not typically available new. And with all the money you’ll save buying used auto parts, you can afford to make additional repairs or upgrade to your vehicle to keep it running strong for many years and thousands of miles to come.