What to Look for When You Shop for Used Tires

car parts in long islandAs you drive down the road, your car’s tires will experience natural wear and tear. In order to keep your car in great driving shape, your tires are among the car parts that will need to be replaced at regular intervals. When you are shopping for tires for your car, you may want to visit a car parts warehouse in Long Island. Auto wreckers in your area may have a great selection of used tires that still have plenty of life. To help you get the most out of your used auto parts experience, here is what to look for when you shop for used tires.

Check the Tread Wear

When you are shopping for used tires for your vehicle, you should always start by checking the tread wear. Your tire’s treads are what provide traction as you drive down the road. As the tire treads wear down, the safety and performance of the tire are compromised. To ensure that your used tires are a good choice for your car, you should look for tires that show very little sign of tread wear.

Inspect for Cracks

Along with checking the tread wear, you should also be sure to inspect your potential tires for cracks and other forms of damage. For example, the rubber in older tires can begin to deteriorate and cause cracks or other imperfections in the sidewalls. Before you purchase used tires, you should always check for this type of damage.

Evaluate the Age

Finally, when you are shopping for used tires, you may also want to evaluate the age of your potential tires. Each tire is printed with a date stamp, which provides specific information about the week and year that the tire was produced. Tires that are more than a few years old may not provide the best performance for your vehicle. After you have found used tires that are in great shape, you will be ready to place them on your car.