How Auto Recycling Works

Each year millions of cars are recycled in the United States. In fact, more cars are recycled annually than new cars are sold. After a car is donated or sold for scrap, a team of auto wreckers begin the process of taking apart the vehicle. As the vehicle is stripped and disassembled, the most important and valuable parts are either refurbished or recycled depending on their condition. Watch this short video clip to see a car go from the salvage yard to the recycling plant and to learn about the environmental and financial benefits of auto recycling.

If you have an old piece of junk that won’t start and don’t want to invest any more time and energy into restoring it, contact a salvage yard in Long Island to receive an estimate for your junk car. Auto wreckers in Suffolk County pay top dollar for junk cars and trucks. Not only will you benefit financially from scrapping your old vehicle, but the environment will also benefit from your decision to recycle your junk car or truck.